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BonckoWall enable you to add CoolIris Wall to your site.
You can show your photos and videos stored on local file system  or on the most popular mediasharing sites Picasa, Flickr,Instagram and YouTube.

  • Full Customizable

    You can customize  size, background color, style, media captions, media source,media links, buttons, soundtrack and much more
  • Media Protection

    You can prevent the original media being downloaded 
  • Media Sharing

    If you like user can share your media on Facebook or twitter
  • Very simple

    FilkrYouTubeLocal File SystemIf you get media from you files system just set media folder in module configuration otherwise set a different source and specify search criteria: User,Album,Keyword and so on.
  • Very Well Supported 

    Take a look at all our extensions's recension on Joomla Extensions Directory 


BonckoWallPro Gallery module Demo Picasa Source Background White 


BonckoWall (module) Version 3.1.5
BonckoWall PRO (module) Version 3.1.5
BonckoWall (Plugin) j.16 Version 2.10.1
BonckoWall PRO (Plugin) j.16 Version 2.10.1
BonckoWall (plugin) j.15 Version 2.6.0
BonckoWall PRO (plugin) j.15 Version 2.6.0