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Help & Support


If you experience a bug or a problem with our software, we really are sorry, and we really do want to fix it. We are also very interested to hear your thoughts and ideas.


We  Provide Free Support

We fix bugs for free and we will investigate every anomaly on every site that uses our software. There are many of you, and most of those anomalies will turn out not to be our problem but if we can we help you to solve them. You have to do the investigation and give us the information we need to reproduce the problem. 

If you do find a bug or a problem with our software, we would very much like you to report it to us. Free (as in Open Source) software is a two way process, and your part of the deal is to provide us with ideas, feedback, and good bug reports. So please take the time to explain problems fully, including server details and version numbers where relevant.

URL Where we can see the problem is useful, and if you true of us an admin account can help us.

We are Italian but we also understand English.

We Don't Have a Forum

Keeping a forum clean, organised, and useful is a time-consuming job. We don't really need a forum because all our products have detailed user guides. We welcome your feedback on our documentation and we are always happy to add any additional details, explanations, and examples. This way, we build our documents into concise, well organised reference works that are much easier to navigate than a forum. And in the end, it's much less time-consuming for all of us, which means we can spend more time developing our products.


Why Donations & Recension

Writing, maintaining, and documenting quality Joomla extensions is enormously time-consuming, and our time is limited and valuable. Making a donation shows that you are a person who values that time, effort, and skill. Unfortunately the vast majority of Joomla users do not, and many of you demand help or new features. 

You can also help us by posting a review on the Joomla Extensions Directory. Reviews only take a few minutes, cost nothing, and help the whole community. Please don't use a review to report a bug or a problem - contact us first.