Waiting for cooliris support.. BonckoWall is now ready for new Flickr api.     
It s now avaiable BonckoJSlide 1.4.3 and BokoSlideShow 1.6.2. upgraded to new flikr api. Work in progress for BonckoWall, at the moment Cooliris doen't support new flikr api. I wrote to cooliris support and now i m studing for a workaround.      A selection of Galleria users: 
It's now possible add a watermark to images in BonckoWallPRO plugin. So noone can steal your media.     

BonckoWall Image Gallery module

BonckoSlideShow 1.5.1

BonckoJSlide 1.5.1 just released to fix a bug on LightBox Mode


Boncko Unit Conversion

Conversione Unita di misura

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